How to order

How to place your order: 


1. Browse our collection from  “NEW ARRIVAL”, “CATEGORIES” or “COLLECTION”

2. CLICK “ADD TO CART” when you find an item that you would like to purchase.

3. You can continue to browse our product and add other items, or you can go straight to “CHECKOUT”

4. Review your product before proceeding to next step. You can add more items or you can remove some items.

5. Fill in your details to complete your order.

6. Choose your shipping method.

7. Review your order once again before confirming your order.

8. You will received an email about your order (Order ID, order details, and our bank account for you to make a payment)

9. After making a payment to our account, please confirm your payment from “CONFIRM PAYMENT” from our homepage. You have 1x24 hour to make a payment and CONFIRM IT or your order will automatically be cancelled.

10. We will send you an email regarding your payment confirmation and we will send you a notification when we send your order (including airway bill number).